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3 disks, 4 disks, anything works of course, it just gets increasingly more tedious to swap between them If you can, aim for a hard drive (= often a Compact Flash or other memory card in an adapter these days) and WHDLoad capability - but if not, get something like a GoTek, HXC or other floppy emulator.

Only if you are a very determined retro enthusiast would I recommend using actual physical floppy disks. Original ones are starting to wear out and they are difficult to duplicate on a PC or any other system without special hardware.

With an A1200 a hard drive is easy, with the A500 not so much since it doesn't have an on-board controller for one. See OldBoy's suggestions above.

An A4000 works great too but you wouldn't be using much of the expansion potential on it just for a few games, so only get one if you can do so at a very good price. The A4000 should not be that rare in the US, it was extensively used for video editing back in the 90's. Just need to know where to look I suppose

Here is my expanded A500 project thread. Unfortunately finding a Viper or any A500 accelerator isn't that easy these days, but there are lots of cool small scale projects around, that would at least allow you to have a hard disk and more memory.
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