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Small txt file along with the new version to show whats new!

The Player Manager

A tribute Dino Dini's classic game Player Manager and Kick Off on Windows, Android and Flash.

Player Manager gives you a team based in the 3rd division, and obviously
the goal is to win the 1st division (no Premier League in 1989 when this
game was released) and also to win the yearly cup. You are a player at the
height of his career, usually in his late twenties, and get to take charge
both as player and as manager (you can choose to play exclusively as
manager, though, but this seems pointless). This means that you will,
unlike other management games, actually play the matches yourself. In
addition to that you will devise tactics, buy and sell players, and renew
contracts, train players, oversee the club's finances and set up your team.

In game keys:-

1: Change Home kit
2: Change away kit
p: Pause
a: Sound on/off
c: Substitution
x: Radar zoom
f: Focus player. Use arrow keys to change player
r: Replay ( last ten seconds )
s: Replay speed.
F2 Save your replay

The original Player Manager game play is there ( including play in position and as team ) but with these new features and additions.

1) Half time and full time stats:
Ball possession
Total shots
Shots on goal
Corner kicks
Yellow cards
Red cards.

2) Full time stats include the above and goals and goal scorers.
White ball = goal
Red ball = own goal
Blue ball = Penalty goal
Blue ball with cross = Penalty miss

3) During half time and at any time in the match ( press c ) you can substitute a player. You can choose from three subs.

4) You can view any other match by clicking on the 'VS' in the game ( press e to exit any time )

5) After touch

6) Ball control is a little easier than the original ( there will be an option to play using the original control )

7) Free kicks

8) Pitches from Kick Off 2, Player Manager and the data disks

9) Controls - arrow keys and ctrl also QW OK and SPACE

10) Save your game at any time, also view your saved replays

11) Save games transferable with Android and Windows

12) Demo game arcade ( starts a new game ready to go )

13) When a player scores the name is shown in the corner of the screen

Happy managing.
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