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continued again...

; 15/07/2013
; ----------
; Added different coloured parallax backgrounds
; first parallax background colour was wrong, fixed
; 14/07/2013 - too hot, but still coding a little
; ----------
; fixed map collision as I'd missed blocks out
; fixed bug 1 from yesterday by moving screen across. Got
;   to get font in soon as must be using loads of CHIP RAM now
;   and I still need to get the SFX in!
; Fixed screen collision bug in going off the left but this
;   has caused the next screen to come up wrong, more to do.
; to cheer myself up, colours of each foreground are like the
;   PC version now. Not the parallax layer yet though...
; 13/07/2013 - quick code, more tomorrow
; ----------
; Got fed up of having to plug joystick in so coded keyboard
;   controls. Took a while but same controls as PC now
; found 2 bugs in explosion, may have to alter screen. Boo!
;    bug 1 - explosion causes crash if it goes off the edge
;    bug 2 - 75 graphic has overwritten last frame
; fixed bug 2 - bug 1 will involve quite a few changes...
;   moved graphics from "75" graphic up on place
; 24/07/2013
; ----------
;   After such a good day yesterday, this will be quieter...
; Added tentacle graphic to code
; fixed bug in moth positioning
; found a font that should work. From my first Jethunt attempt!
; added 2nd fire button for thrust, for those with one
; added bomb sxplosion graphic to code.
; got explosion added to bomb routine and it shows and works!
; added 50, 75, raft, tentacle and entering mines gfx to code
; now doing some gfx palette merging so everything works
;   that's it for today. More soon!
; 23/06/2013 - right, back to it!
; ----------
; Added spider graphic to code
; Added spider to screen - worked first time!
; added bat graphic to code
; added bat to screen - also worked first time!
;   realised qblits aren't going to work though, they
;   overwrite too many gfx. will try bblit, if that's
;   too slow I could xor the gfx over themselves...
; switched to BBlits - looks like lots of time left. :-)
; added moth to code and onscreen - worked first time too!
;   although moving graphics are running too fast
; added lamp to code and onscreen - worked after a tweak
; added dobomb routine, will need some tweaking indeed
; tweaked dobomb, now bomb drops then disappears - no boom yet!
; solved speed issue some baddies! That's it for today.
; I lied, got miners to raise hands
; moved hero start position a bit - now that's really it!
; music changes per level now... right, time for bed!
; 16/06/2013 - yes, gaps but still progressing!
; ----------
; Freed 3 colours in parallax to draw the laser (buffered)
; Realised I'd not been using AGA Dpaint, oops!
; Redid some gfx using PPaint
; Implemented double buffer
; drew destructable walls onscreen, no collision yet!
; drew miners, no collision yet either!
;   so... I guess I'd better do some collision
; collidebads started - collides with miner! Yay!
; added basic levelcomplete - now to test screens. :-)
; Some screens need some collision work and the controls
;   as usual need tweaking, but it works.
; tweaked collision for miners until it worked properly!
; a good day, I think next is to get the font in
; 09/06/2013
; ----------
; tweaked gfx, looking a lot better now
; 03/06/2013
; ----------
; moved game gfx+music loading to setupgame routine
; added freegame routine to free the gfx+music afterwards
; added wall and deadly wall graphic to the code
; 27/05/2013
; ----------
; More tweaks to controls, call the routine twice now but
;    it feels better so that will do for now.
; Announced properly on EAB and Youtube vid uploaded
; 26/05/2013
; ----------
; Added getcontrols, 30 lines of PC code down to about 4!
; Converted the movehero routine... finally!
; Added screen changes so screens can be navigated!
; now to tackle map collisions - doesn't work yet!
; map collisions fixed - took all night but controls are
;   like the pc version now! :-)
; 16/05/2013
; ----------
; Code was getting unweildy, INCLUDE-ing finished routines
;   to save space - makes things easier - and a little modular!
; 28/04/2013
; ----------
; copied GFX pointers from PC version to make porting easier
; 21/04/2013
; ----------
; AGA has quarter pixels! :-) I forgot about that. That means
;   I can just use the same res as the PC version for calculations
;   and divide the variables for displaying. Sprites and scrolling
;   will use half pixels to match PC detail. And quarter pixels
;   for the parallax background. That should look even nicer
; Did quarter and half pixel display test. It worked!
; realised gfx are getting hard to remember the numbers so
;   will use variable labels like the PC version
; 07/04/2013 - slow but still on schedule
; ----------
; Created 3-channel version of game music for sfx+music
;    option - forgot this back in the 90s when I wrote it!
; 13/03/2013
; ----------
; This looks like procrastinating but I've been working
;   on the test code and gfx. Some code today I hope!
; started writing the movehero routine and tidying others
; added drop bomb code, just need the dobomb routine now!
; started on getcontrols routine as needed for movehero
; 18/02/2013
; ----------
; parallax implemented into code relative to sprite, seems
;   to work so wont use the push scrolling idea just yet.
;   As long as it doesn't take to much cpu to work out!
; Spent rest of evening trying to get colour splits to work
;   I finally got it to work, mind you since it's double
;   buffered and 50hz and flicker with one a solid block
;   of colour may work too, more tests needed. This is for
;   the deadly blocks. Messing the palette does affect the
;   baddies and explosions too, so it may be a flicker!
; 17/02/2013 - gaps, but still going in the right direction
; ----------
; Created new Entering Mines graphic
; Fixed corruption leaving titlepage
; started rearranging the code as everything was loaded
;   at the start, now titlepage and maingame will have
;   loading just before - this should then work in 2MB
; got a gamescreen up, the map draw code actually works!
; fixed bug where first time to game went straight back
;   to the titlepage
; got ingame music playing, and my selector code works!
; got sprite displayed, on mouse but displayed nonetheless!
; 03/02/2013 - right, this is the year!
; ----------
; added choosemusic statement to code since selectore works
; added mapload - map can now be er... loaded!
; added text funtion from Timebomb, which ironically was
;   lifted from my original attempt at JetHunt on amiga!
; added ESC to quit so put loop in, title menu sprite gets
;   corrupted, will fix that bad boy next...
; Hmmm... this one will take some more work. I can show
;   the titlepage then open the game but the sprite gets
;   corrupted. Might be because the game has no gfx...
;   back to my displaytest code...
; Fixed above bug, took all night grr. Was Spritemode again
; 19/01/2013
; ----------
; I was right about the 2012 release, ah well...
; After tinkering can do 3 64pixel 16 colour hardware
; sprites. I don't need that many but means that I
; have sprites left over for the background and possibly
; the laser...
; had sprites in borders turned on, is now off and better
; trimmed memory usage a lot, god my PC coding was bad!
; will have to shrink the music a little maybe though...
; got music selector working!!!
;               address is peek.l(addr module(0))+952 !!!
; 23/12/2012
; ----------
; A 2012 release does look unlikely now but I still want
;   to release the Amiga version as I should have all
;   those years ago. So back to it!
; After lost some source switched coding to HD not floppy
; Continued adding the PC routines for conversion
; 02/12/2012 - bit of a break but back to it!
; ----------
; added fire to start to titlepage (baby steps!)
; checked drawscreen, it should work!
; using hardware sprite for title menu - buggy but works
; fixed palette for title menu (lost 16 cols of titlepage)
; got 64 pixel wide 4 colour sprite for titles - works! :-)
; removed map variable, was wasting lots of ram!
; added initbads routine from pc version
; added resetcount routine from pc version
; added to do list so I can keep track of things
; decided to use hw sprite for raft - I think!
; converted raft graphic to sprite palette and loaded it
; added map bugfixes from pc version
; added work on porting maingame routine from pc version
; added doublebuffer to drawscreen
;       (somehow, it all still compiles! - So far!)
; 18/11/2012
; ----------
; Finally got HW AGA sprites to work properly in displaytest
;              thanks to Lielo on the EAB for the assistance
; 11/11/2012 - right back to it...
; ----------
; realised how much memory I was using so started to
;   implement seperate loading for the titlepage and game
;   for things like music and screens. A bit more disk access
;   but will help the coding no end.
; added all the baddie data from pc version - took ages!
; 07/11/2012  (quiet day but still chipping away at it!)
; ----------
; Added some colour to the rocks, look better now
; remember to save the block saving proggy this time too
; added main sprite to loadage and converted it
; got music playing on the titlepage!
; all in one load so far... we'll see if that lasts...
; hmm, until I tried it. It may fit... we'll see!
; 06/11/2012
; ----------
; wrote test program for the map conversion
; conversion hadn't gone perfect - all night to get right
; but tilemap is now fully converted and works!
; added drawscreen routine, doubt it'll work but the
;   fundamentals are there and will help later.
; still not running out of chip ram. Cool!
; 04/11/2012
; ----------
; wrote program which has hopefully converted the map
; copied converted map (73K) to the amiga disk
; (still one disk so far! Yay! Now to squeeze it in memory!)
; added variables from PC code
; started adding the routines from the PC version
; 30/10/2012
; ----------
; Converted blocks to 8 greys (will use palette to effect)
; Had to shrink screen to 304 with a bigger scroll as the
;     hardware sprite is a big one and AGA hates sprites!
; 21/10/2012
; ----------
; got main sprite converted to 16 colours and saved
; got titlepage usable
; 384 pixels isn't going to work, 320 with slight scroll?
;     shouldn't make the game too hard... I think. erk!
; Decided first go will be AGA, using a dual playfield
; 16 colours on 16 colours should do the trick....
; Wow, forgot how cludgey it is, got a display finally!
; And got the main sprite displayed correctly.
; slight scroll looks pretty good, hope it's not too hard!
; got a dual playfield main screen with a 256 colour statbar
; 20/10/2012
; ----------
; Set up floppy and started work converting the gfx
; copied the music file across
; tiles need to be 16x16 so a 368x256 screen will be used
; 24 blocks across (indented across by 8 pixels
; an actual double buffer of 384x256 in reality
; got graphics down to 16 colours... looked bad
; found Thermite's original gfx, palette is much better!
I will finish this bloody thing...
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