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; -------
; 20/09/2014
; ----------
; Fixed bug where death brings you back in the wall
; Fixed slowdown on some menu options on titlepage
; fixed crash when laser on and leaving the screen
; Pause sprite graphic displays correctly when paused now
; 15/09/2014
; ----------
; Added fix to destructable wall code so lasers can be checked
;   to stop them going through walls and shooting baddies!
; laser now doesn't go through walls! Yay!
; added map fix for snake gfx bug, almost fixed!
; 14/09/2014 (not much time today so little tweaks)
; ----------
; Parallax background tweaks, looks much better now
; Fixed big bug where new game would corrupt the gfx, found that
;   I was not resetting the bitmaps after the outro!
; Main sprite was reappearing on the outro, moved and fixed!
; Created and added "Pause" sprite so it can show on pause
; 13/09/2014
; ----------
; Snake collision entered into code.
; collision with spider was very out, amended.
; Fixed GameOver colours in outro
; Fixed crash in outro and added pause at last line
; 07/09/2014 - come on Rob, you can do it!
; ----------
; Small change, but big speedup in drawbads, only now check the
;   baddies if there is a baddie to check. Should have always
;   been there!
; Added same speedup to laser code
; ...and added the speedup to collision code too!
; Fixed menu restoring to old state after going into About page
; Game now completes and goes to outro if you get >1,000,000
; 05/08/2014
; ----------
; Fixed wrong sprite shown on dropping into screen after death
; Fixed wrong colours on explosion sprite! Finally!
; tweaked collision for spider and moth, bat is ok
; Fixed outro and entered into code, game over sprite wrong
;   on it but this is fixable for sure, probably by text
; 04/08/2014 - well behind, back to it now though
; ----------
; Big delay, I did write and release Amiga4096 though!
; I think when dying, sprite comes back right now, wrong frame
;   showing for now though.
; Bats and spiders now kill you, collision needs a little tweak
;   though as I'm using rectangle collision which is hard to
;   get to look good compared to the PCs pixel collision
; moth now kills you, getting close to adding more stuff!
; version upped to v0.89 - not long now I hope
; 15/05/2014
; ----------
; Bug with stripey screen during explosion fixed!
; 06/05/2014 (another day off, come on Rob!)
; ----------
; Added deadly destructable wall to screen - finally!
; fixed explosion position bug for moth and wall
; walls can now be destroyed with the laser!
; version upped to v0.87
; got rid of most of the display glitches apart from titlepage
; snake can now be killed!
; fixed gfx bug where miner had too many arms on levelcomplete
; death routine almost works. not quite, but almost!
;     (next stage will be calling it when a baddie is hit)
; ...well, the bomb now kills the hero, explosion stops at the
;     moment but that should be easy to fix... I hope!...
; because of death, version now upped to v0.88!
; 25/04/2014 (a day off work with flu, time to code...)
; ----------
; fixed bug where left/right didn't work entering/exiting screen
; fixed timing of levelcomplete to be the same every time
; 22/03/2014
; ----------
; lamp smash sound was too quiet so made louder
; levelcomplete finished! Scoring may be off but will tweak...
; added needed bugs list to code
; version upped to 0.86
; 07/03/2014 - Not had much time, hopefully today...
; ----------
; Map fixing, boring but just played game up to level 20
;   and implemented fixes found en route!
; removed fixes on levels 7 and 8 as above fixes got rid
; of those bugs too.
; Removed map fixes from main loop as was taking up time
;   placed in the drawscreen routine - nice and efficient!
; Just played through all 20 levels! Yay! Although there
;   are a couple of minor graphic block bugs, they can be
;   fixed. :-)
; 18/02/2014 - Bit of a gap unfortunately...
; ----------
; About page didn't fit on the screen, graphics edited
; 25/01/2014
; ----------
; ditched Playmodule for CIATrackerlib - converted code
;   outro music may have to still use the old lib - maybe
; music selection is much easier now, code trimmed!
; Finally updated music to allow one channel to be turned off
;   for music and sfx, changed this to the default option
;   sound fx and music works and sounds great, music only and
;   sfx only remain a selectable option if wanted though
; lamp smash sound entered into code and fixed collision bug
; 19/01/2014 - sound day!
; ----------
; Started finally adding some sound effects
; implemented music off option
; got bomb, laser, baddieboom and jetpack sounds working
; got music and sound effects working - but very buggy
; 18/01/2014
; ----------
; Most of the messed up routines restored. Also managed
;   to up the fetchmode to 1 for an increase in speed both
;   on the titlepage and ingame, thanks Lielo for the invaluable
;   assistance! Screen is now 320 wide again still with sprites!
; fixed collision errors with bombs and lasers a bit
; created new test version disk
; 07/01/2014
; ----------
; Finally fixed display bugs, Had vwait in the wrong position
;   this didn't show up under emulation as I had cycle exact
;   turned off for A1200 but quickstart had it on. Doh. Now
;   the explosions work again. Still cant get higher fetch-modes
;   to work yet though. But I'm still within a frame. With RAM.
; 05/01/2014
; ----------
; Well, it's 2014 so changed graphics to reflect this
; Had to rebuild code from earlier version to fix bugs
; an update since 5/12/2013 had corrupted the game so I added
;   each updated routine manually into the 5/12 version
; 05/12/2013
; ----------
; Fixing the map bugs again, serves me right for not fixing
;   the PC version of the map data. But level 7 can now be
;   completed. Now to check and fix the rest of them...
; Right, first 9 levels are complete and fixed apart from a
;   few minor sprite placement probs. Level 10 has bugs and
; also the doubling of speed isn't working on the sprites.
; fixed foreground colour when level selecting
; you can now start at level 1,5 or 9
; 01/12/2013 - (less than one month to try and finish!)
; ----------
; Fixed map bug on level 6 which crashed the game
; 30/10/2013 - only a few things but they took ages!
; ----------
; Bombs left shown onscreen and works!
; redrew power bar to suit Amiga resolution in PPaint
; Powerbar is in and it updates correctly too. Panel is done
;   as much as I can until I implement... death!
; 29/10/2013
; ----------
; Added Down/Fire2/C options for drop bomb - menu works!
; Finally got joystick working again which I'd broken when I
;   added keyboard controls way back in July... Oops!
; Cant get drop bomb on 2nd fire button but key works. Odd.
; added pause! It freezes everything for now, may improve later
; 27/10/2013
; ----------
; Started work on the panel, level and score are displayed
; fixed drawing order on screen entry
; small tweak to menu to make it wrap as was irritating!
; fixed displaywidth on titlepage as some sprites were off
; fixed some corruption and edited titlescreen
; finally added 256 colour logo to before the pretitles
; sped up score drawing, only updates when needed now
; panel is up and running, dont erase excess yet, so the
;   bombs, power and lives remaining don't update. Soooon...
; Lava is done! The bit I was too lazy on the PC to do! And it
;   looks pretty good considering it's slightly botched! Yay!
; strange block bug in level 5 and map bug in 7. tomorrow...
; 26/10/2013
; ----------
; Main menu can now be drawn using domenu, although I have to
;   think about how to erase the text, txt{} may need an extra
;   erase flag which would draw a black rectangle...
; So I have indeed added erase mode to txt{}
; and now the main menu is completely done!
; level select works, level 5 can now be selected - this means
;   I can fix the bugs in the later levels and also going left
;   and right between the screens
; fixed in game displayadjust as right hand side was offcentre
; Hero can move left and right between screens properly now!
; Drat, map fixes from PC version are now in the wrong place,
;   that's another pain to fix but it's bed time...
; 24/10/2013
; ----------
; Outro is done, stars are a little buggy but will do for now
; Actually, fixed those bugs, added a sprite and coloursplit!
; Animated outro sprite and integrated code
; upped version to 0.7
; fixed small explosion/snake bug
; Main menu is displaying, can't be selected... yet!
; implemented colour split on titlepage which will allow menu
;   options to be selected. Will do that next, time for bed!
; 20/10/2013 (one year! Nearly there I reckon!)
; ----------
; Done a nice small font, hopefully this'll work
;   added the small font and code to draw it... if it works!
;   took some time but got the font in and working
; realised snake is being overwritten by small explosion oops!
; Added score, power and level gfx to panel
; Now font can be drawn, time to work on the outro...
; pretty productive, got most of it buggily done!
; 14/10/2013 (Only a quickie today)
; ----------
; Added lamp to laser collision as I'd forgotten yesterday!
; 13/10/2013
; ----------
; Started work on collidelaser - need to shoot the baddies!
; Bat, moth and spider can all now be shot, no explosion yet
;   can current hit baddies through walls but will fix later
; added scoring finally, it's almost a game!
; added small explosion for baddies and 50 now shows too!
; added the same for the 75 now. The positioning isn't
;   great yet but it works so onwards.. can tweak later!
; (a good day considering I didn't expect to do any!)
; 12/10/2013 - turned 40 on 29/09 - recovered now!
; ----------
; added slight background colour to bomb to show blocks if dark
; added sprite based starfield to titlepage - works but buggy
; and lo, the stars on the titlepage are fixed and done!
; Oops, had put the main sprite in the titlepage - fixed!
; realised the star sprites could have frames, some frames done
;   although if there's disk space I may use more later!
; 23/09/2013 - right back to it!
; ----------
; changed some bblits to qblits and blits to speed things up
; added blank 16 colour buffer for darkness and crushing walls
; snake edited, added to code, tweaked, and works!
; added flash to screen during explosions
; fixed lamp graphic because it was often floating in the air
; added lamp collision for hero (not laser yet) - lamp goes out
;   although this has no effect on the screen yet...
; now it does, blocks go dark and background isn't drawn
;   this doesn't look too bad and I have enough memory to do the
;   bomb in the background scratch buffer. :-)
; fixed flicker between screens as best as I can, still a little
;   colour change between screens. Will try again at the end
; fixed jump on first screen and map mess up when staring a
;   new game after playing one game. Going well today it is!
; wonder if I can spare a hardware sprite for the explosions...
; I can, explosion is now a sprite. :-) yay! Speedup! I only
;   had to shrink the explosion to 64 wide and map the colours
;   to the main sprite palette. Now onward...
; fixed "Game Over" sprite appearing behind player
; added deadly blocks, need some work but the code is in :-)
; 17/08/2013
; ----------
; Explosions cause slowdown on some screens - thanks Leilo
; 30/07/2013
; ----------
; Still playing with copper bar but will look good
; added copper bar to colour 6 for more onscreen, needs
;   some tweaking but it looks good
; fixed bug in wall removal
; 28/07/2013
; ----------
; Not much today but added a small colour split to screens
; started to fix problem going off left and right
; found later on the map crashes the game, will investigate
; 27/07/2013
; ----------
; Laser in, no collision yet but sprites work and it works!
; walls can now be blown up!
; Walls also stop the hero properly although it does show up
;   the bugs in the controls, they'll have to be rewritten
; destroyed walls now restore the background correctly
; Created Game Over graphic and showed it as a sprite
; 26/07/2013 - baby steps
; ---------
; Got starfield code to finally work on the Amiga in 256 cols!
; realised old intro music was 16 channel - oops! Time to dig
;    Out the old ProTracker!
; Got a passable 4-channel version of intro music done
; got a funky way of showing the intro text using sprites
;    3 x 64 pixel wide sprites show the text, I think I may
;    use this for either the main menu or getting a starfield
;    behind the titlepage
; Found out PT mods don't free up properly, drat
;    Ah, it wasn't PT, it was Modplug tracker on the PC not
;    saving the MOD properly. Fixed using good old PT2.3!
; Intro completed! :-)
; now that's odd, 64pixel wide sprites are now working!
;   however, it works so I'm a happy Coagulus
; Added laser as sprites, there should be enough I hope!
; 21/07/2013 - heatwave stopped the coding for a bit
;   started work on the intro, converted the text and found
;   the starfield code.
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