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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Never going to work

The Gotek drive connects via the floppy disk drive port where the CD drive connects via the PATA IDE port. You would need a PATA ODDE (optical disc drive emulator). They do exist but are expensive (look up PS3 and industrial applications)

Plus for it to be really useful for an Amiga 1200 you would need an audio mixer to combine CDDA with the Paula audio.

As for CF and size problems, Amiga CD games are very small. They usually contain no more content than their floppy disk counterparts (big contributors to why the CDTV and CD32 were commercial flops).

Some WHDload slaves support the Amiga CD version.

Also you can mount ISO images on hard disk as a CD drive under Amiga OS with the right software.

IMO new hardware is not practical or commercially viable as there are too few enhanced Amiga CD games.

Unfortunately, the CD32´s catalog lacks of games that make use of CD advantages unless some exceptions.
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