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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Right, Im home now and have a log for my rainbow issue.
Now heres the odd thing, it doesnt give winuae log, only winuae bootlog and config log.

The other odd thing, with full logging enabled it seems to work randomly. It rainbows for about 10 secs, then boots. If I dont do any logging, it just rainbows forever.

Manually did winuaelog, its attached but I dont think it shows anything wrong.
EDIT:- If I F12 it while its rainbowing. Then cancel, it sometimes boots. Other times it resets back to rainbow.

EDIT2:- Its definitely reproducable by F12, then cancel, then F12, then cancel until it goes to os4.1 boot logo.

EDIT3:- It seems to be if I hit F12 while FPS = 59.8 then cancel, it boots every time.
Probable cause is timing due to PPC being near completely separate entity that is quite "loosely" connected to Amiga hardware. This means polling some custom register that changes (like CIA timers or VPOSR) may return impossible results, like getting same value multiple times or strange jumps.

PPC programs normally shouldn't care but operating systems may do some timing calibrations etc.. at startup that require more reliable timing and your system has exactly "correct" timing to trigger it..

This is problem that can't be solved fully but some adjustments are possible.
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