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I got my old c2n datasette and disk drive out and gave them a clean up, i also had to fix the lever on the 1541-2 using some 'macgyver' skills.

I do have a 2nd tape drive but it's only good for spare parts, and i also have a 2nd 1541-2 that doesn't seem to want to power on anymore.

But with the working tape and disk drive i have set them both up on my c64, the SD Infinity 2 has pass-thru ports so i can have everything plugged in at the same time

I wanted the real disk drive so i can run some of the new demos that don't work on sd2iec's, and the tape drive is just for nostalgia.

I also have quite a small collection of real tape and disk games here to that i could use!

One would think that would cover all bases, a c64 with a c2n, 1541-2 and an SD Infinity 2!!

All i need to do now is test it all out, i think i have to use some jumpers on the infinity to sort out the disk drive numbers and stuff.

Will do this tomorrow as it's midnight here and bed time
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