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Originally Posted by Cyprian View Post
I've just compared performance for popular video modes on ST and Amiga. And as I mentioned, those figures are pure theory.
So compare 640x200 4 color (standard WB screen on Amiga and i assume on TOS), side to this compare 320x200 16 colors (i have same discussion with another enthusiast to compare plain vanilla A1200 with Atari Falcon where only DSP is capable to do 30MIPS) - please always care about details when such comparison is performed.

Originally Posted by Cyprian View Post
good point. At the beginning I had an idea to compare only pure hardware with OS switched off. Now I'll try to compare also performance under OS under different video modes. Unfortunately I have no idea yet, how to change video mode in a clear, OS compatibly way. Can you advise me with links to AmigaOS for dummies?
You can compare plain HW but still compare it fair or plain CPU power (then no miracles expected and Amiga CPU clock by clock will be slower approx 10.5%) or system performance (thus Amiga will be faster thanks to Copper, sprites, PCM audio with DMA, blitter etc).

System overhead can be very difficult as user behavior will be not repeatable.
And sorry - i never coded under Amiga OS.
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