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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
With the advent of all of the various FPGA Amiga emulators, as well as software based Amiga emulators (for PC, iPhone, iPad, etc.) it seems that the biggest battle still is how to get data from a real Amiga over to the emulator.
Not an SD card solution, but what I do is take the CF from my Amiga 600 and plug it into my laptop running fs-uae. From there you can point the emulator at the raw device node of the CF and th emulator will boot it. By also making a dummy "directory" hard disk, you can easily copy files to and from the Amiga CF.

My low tech solution for the A500 is to use a terminal emulator and send files over the serial line with XMODEM, although you still need to get the terminal emulator over to the amiga in the first place. I seem to recall using the AmigaDOS 'type' command to send files over the serial line as described here:

type ser: to ram:filename

Hope that helps.
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