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Found cause of my problem.
All none booting problems seem to relate to No buffering on host card and you have to set VSYNC to VSync 50 VS 60 for native window mode. It then seems to work every time.
Wierd as I had it working with buffering etc etc fine before.

Just need to find out why my old 3.9 isnt working now.
Might go back to an early version before PPC and see if issue goes away.

Originally Posted by DarrenHD View Post
Toni, I got the latest beta 16 working - and with accelerator SCSI OS4.1 is _very fast_. Really amazing work! Thank you so much!

Did you ever think about emulating the Mediator or Prometheus PCI busboards? If that was present likely Radeon could work ? Or maybe not.

That would be cool, as it will allow 3D and compositing.
When was beta 16 released?
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