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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Paula. This is a standard limitation of all disk controllers. It's a condition that must be met. Paula sends and receives bitcell time (flux) data. That data must meet certain criteria to be valid or random data is interpreted.

AFAIK Paula is not standard FDD controller - this is plain parallel to serial and seriall to parallel converter with DMA + some features to help deal with things typical for FDD - but data stream decoding is performed in a software way (or by CPU or by blitter).

Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
It's not a "limitation" really, it's a design requirement for MFM data. Paula also works with GCR data, but that also has some features (by design) that prohibit every byte value from being available.
What with different RLL coding than 1.3 - for example 1.7 or other - there are some device drivers to provide higher than MFM capacity on FDD.

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We don't have that luxury in a stock setup.
Unless there is no long cable (capacity) 1488/1489 should be fine.
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