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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
For some reason, I can no longer get Picasso IV card to work at all.
It keeps starting up in AGA mode, even though the picasso rom is in the correct place and found by WinUAE.

Im also getting lots of wierd stuff with just running my old standard 3.9 install, where it cant create uae.gfx screenmodes.
Will sort out logs and attach them.
Log is from b15. Also disable vsync, when testing things, get rid of all not 100% needed features first. Then put them back one by one if problem disappeared.

EDIT: Boot without startup-sequence. Use some system monitor program to check if for example picassoiv.resource is available. If not, P4 rom code isn't working for some reason.

PicassoIV works fine in OS3 and OS4 here.
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