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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Writing more than three 1 bits in a row is interpreted as a 00 byte, etc.

Interpreted by CPU? Paula? or by flux change on magnetic disk but not on semiconductor memory ?

Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
To use the floppy port you would have to emulate a flux data stream. There are always two bytes of MFM data required to extract a single byte of usable data. If you could just send serial data, we wouldn't need FM, MFM, GCR, or any other type of encoding method - we would just write the byte to the disk.
Yes but only when magnetic recording is involved... all you wrote about flux is valid for magnetic storage but we saving bitstream to semiconductor memory without this limitations. So let forget about flux and all magnetic problems - if this is limitation of Paula (AFAIK Paula not interpreting any data).

Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
The Amiga serial port is pretty slow. I wrote several serial device drivers (in assembly of course) and the same core driver worked fine at 230400 baud with EMPLANT's serial port on a stock A2000, but the Amiga serial port would barely do 115200 baud.
Hardware is fast but primitive (no fifo like in common on PC 16550 etc) - drivers are slow as interrupt processing take time but once again as we can send block of data (for example 16 bytes) then perhaps overhead can be reduced...
I assume that based on this:
1Mbps should be possible especially when slow and outdated 1488/1489 will be replaced by modern level translators.
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