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From what I check some time ago:
Trolls got now audio tracks for each stage and background images are totally different than in AGA floppy version, they are more moody and looks like landscapes rather than just some unrelated objects;
Zool 2 got one extra world (3 levels) at start + audio tracks and option to have both music and sfx + short render animations between each world;
Bubba and Stix got intro/outro animation and got sfx and music at same time;
Black Viper got voice acting in intro and short render animation between each race;
Brian the Lion got three additional levels with different tasks to do and one extra bonus game on world map;
Chuck Rock 2 got cool animated intro but nothings more that disk version;
Dennis got both sfx+music at same time;
Chaos Engine got cool intro sequence + different cd music + manual in game;
Oscar got two extra worlds and music in worlds while on floppy there wasn't;
Super Stardust got each button in pad configurable and animations in intro, between worlds;
Fire and Ice got audio tracks, add background images and redone last level;
Fight'n'Spirit is better game when played on pad trust me

I would say that each version of cd32 game is worth to check. Some games are just clean floppy conversions with no extra stuff or even waste what can cd32 give (pad got more buttons that 2-fire joystick and akiko can play audio tracks).
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