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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
IIRC one is a coin-op conversion, and the other isn't. The same applies for Terminator 2.

I was going to say Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade but I think your criteria rules it out.
Nb - both different games are conversions of the NES original turtles game. Exactly the same game but one programmed in US the other programme D in UK. Check out video. Neither is a conversion of the arcade game.

And you are right about Indian Jones - one waa an arcade game and one was an adventure. Totally different games.

It is interesting to see how different companies approached graphics, sound etc. Who was better at using the hardware? Super Street Fighter 2 is a really good example - US Gold version used small sprites but played quickly (still not great) and Gametek version really looks the business, great graphics and sound. Also includes proper parallax floor (unlike other version) but animation is terrible and everything is slow and jerky. I guess with second game there were serious memory limitations because with more frames and more speed, looks like it could be brilliant.

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