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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
That's not actually true. There are specific byte combinations that trigger certain things when dealing with MFM data and flux level data. Paula is by far more carefree than the WD177x series, but you still can't use every byte (0x00-0xFF) in the MFM data. I know a little bit about Paula and floppy drives... I created Supercard Ami, Supercard Ami II, SYBIL, and AMIA hardware devices for the Amiga to copy/image floppy disks. I make a product right now that also images/copies floppys:

Besides giving you the ability to backup your software, this product creates flux-level images that can be used under WinUAE, FS-UAE, E-UAE, and FPGA Arcade Replay to give you an exact emulation of a real disk, just as real hardware (Paula) sees it.
But it still not clear - are some bytes trigger particular Paula behavior or not?
And once again - when transferring data trough fdd interface there is no such things as flux - flux is unique for magnetic domains but not for serial port.

So i assume fdd interface can be used as just plain serial interface with DMA. Issue of course will be to recover clock. So perhaps synchronization should be designed based on different principle than MFM.

Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
Serial would be too slow. The parallel port is the "printer port", and that is what I am using.
And why You think that serial port (UART in Pula) is slow - 1Mbps or more should be available as Paula use 1.79MHz clock - issue can be interrupt processing when reading, writing can be performed with Copper help.
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