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Toni Wilen
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Beta 16:

- GUI (and log) showed wrong size for very large drives (>1T). Visual problem only.
- Fixed F12/pause hang when PPC was active.
- Fixed uaegfx RTG in Z2 mode memory mapping (b14)
- 68040 MMU MOVE16 fault size was wrong. (Cache line, not long)
- 68060 MMU read-modify-write fault had inverted read/write status.
- QEMU PPC vs UAE side memory banks are now dynamically mapped.
- PPC CPU HID1 set to more correct value, detected CPU clock is not same as bus clock anymore.
- QEMU TCG (JIT) buffer was too small, real world PPC programs run now much faster.

NOTE: must be also downloaded (Link in Reset when PPC CPU is active still does not work 100% correctly.
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