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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
I need to transfer hundreds of megs of Amiga source code from a real A3000 (and then an A4000) to my PC so I can copy the data I want to a SD card for use with FPGA Arcade Replay. I can also use this data with WinUAE and FS-UAE. So, I don't want to go the floppy route. I also don't want to use CrossDOSFileSystem or something similar to handle the PC format. I have a super fast FAT32 handler I wrote for the PIC24 that will outrun this by a mile. The theoretical max transfer for the parallel port is 715K per second (every bus cycle). Obviously, your're not going to get that, but you could likely get a couple of hundred K per second. That ZIP interface has a lot of control stuff to setup and it's getting 114K per second. I would be happy with that. I could make it so this device also handles block-level transfers. I already have empscsi.device written, so I could just gut the 53C80 code and implement this. It handles SCSI-direct commands and such as well. So, I guess the device could be dual purpose. This biggest issue I see is that this needs external power because the parallel port only has 10mA of current available.
I also love to have such device to transfer my A3000 files. Kamelito
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