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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I don't use JIT or PPC.

I was using some crazy cycle exact speed though when emulating 68040, if it's all related then great. Will wait for the next beta.
Then it probably is related to 68040/060 ce mode changes. Probably can't be fixed without easy test case.

Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Its because Im in full screen (I ment the emu locks completely and is stopping anything else from being displayed), so we cant use fullscreen anymore, not even on non PPC configs?
I did try it on my other PC, that was windowed and that locks up once RTG starts.
No. I meant the very first step when there is any kind of problem is to switch off fullscreen and try again.

If ctrl+alt+del or alt-tab does not work, check that you don't have too high winuae active priority setting. Recent betas can get stuck in situation where 2 CPU cores runs at 100% all the time. This shouldn't happen in next beta anymore.
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