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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
After thinking about the floppy port a bit more, that idea is completely out because you have to emulate a disk drive and although I can certainly do that (and will be with SuperCard Pro, much like the HxC does) the speed would be dramatically lower than I was thinking because you would need to use MFM encoding/decoding because you can't write all values (0-255) as MFM.
Nope - MFM is for magnetic storage but for non-magnetic storage you are quite free (i assume speed can be almost doubled when compared to FDD).
Side to this port lines can be used to increase speed (CIA is programmable and there is lot of lines to use in non standard way but still it can provide compatibility with FDD).
Using FDD port have one advantage - you can boot any Amiga without special driver (so first slow second with reuse CIA lines way faster) and power can be provided as required...
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