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Originally Posted by Cyprian View Post
Regarding blitter, I read somewhere here about 450 cycle initialization for blitter line routine, and I was curious how it looks in case of copy data initialization. That initialization (five longwords and four words) looks pretty good.
There are only 14 words of registers that have to be written to for line draw if nothing else is already setup. Once things are setup, usually just 8 words.

I think the 450 cycle initialization is for arbitrary lines and includes computation of deltas (which has to be done for a software-only line draw, too).

Of course the key to maximum speed is getting the blitter to run at the same time as the CPU.

With line draw deltas and other values can be computed by the CPU while the line is being drawn by the blitter (er, I mean many of those calcs can be done while the line is drawn by the blitter with little slow down).

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