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Originally Posted by klesterjr View Post
Disabling A2065 doesn't seem to change anything for me.

I tried repeatedly booting last night and was able to get it to boot ONCE, however it ran much more slowly than previous betas and I was not able to get it to boot again.

It appears to be stuck in an endless loop, rather than an actual crash or freeze (unless you press F12).

My system: Win7, i7 4770K, GTX 650 Ti
B15 worked fine on my existing setup (i5 Macbook). Splash screen was way faster, but I didn't notice a change in speed after workbench loads, although I did not test it much yet. I need to try it on my i7 at home which is much faster than this i5. Hardfile access may be a bottleneck. Zorro 3 memory showed up properly as a pager and I do have C= 2065 configured, no issue there.

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