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Customs chipset will always be emulated at their normal speed.
Yes, chipset speed does not change (at least bitplane and copper). Blitter and disk/audio depends on CPU mode. Audio playback timing is of course always accurate but audio state internal timings are only emulated in cycle exact modes.

In fact, if I'm correct, when I lower the slider, I limit the real CPU usage to 90 % with -10 % setting, 80 % with -20 % setting... And so I lower the frequency of the emulated CPU.
Technically yes but because real CPU timing depends on memory bus speed, caches etc.. which fastest possible mode does not emulate, speed change can't be "converted" to CPU frequency.

About the Interlaced line mode. I'm not sure to correctly understand how the options work.
Double, frames : each frame is separated into two frames, in the first one odd fields are doubled, in the second one even fields are doubled,
No. Odd and even field pairs are combined to single frame, display update rate becomes effectively halved (50Hz -> 25Hz)

Double, fields : each frame gives one frame, odd fields are doubled, even fields are ignored,
No. Odd and even fields are shown alternately. When odd field is shown, previous even field is not changed or erased and vice versa.

Double, fields + : each frame is separated into two frames, in the first one odd fields are displayed, in the second one even fields are displayed, fields are separated by blank lines.
No, again

Same as above but instead of not changing previous field, previous field is blanked. Sort of emulates really really short persistence CRT display.
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