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Beta 15:

- "ROM disabled" A2091/A590 ROM option was not visible (b14)
- Blizzard board ROM code was ignored (b14)
- Log window was opened when PPC CPU started (b14)
- Dragging adf file over window mode bottom bar HD led didn't mount it as a harddrive.
- Mounting adf as a harddrive uses adf's real volume name instead of host-side file name.
- Added support for sub memory banks, can divide normal 64k UAE memory bank in to smaller sub memory banks. Mainly needed to properly map PPC CyberStorm MK3/PPC SCSI IO and SCRIPTS RAM for QEMU PPC.
- SCSI CD emulation via NCR SCSI (53C94/FAS216 or NCR53C710+) chip didn't flash CD led.
- Added hack that prevents Picasso IV switching temporarily to RTG mode immediately after reset. (Picasso IV does not use simple signal passthrough like other cards)
- Switch to/from hardware RTG mode only after mode has been stable at least 0.5 seconds.
- Show CD insert/eject messages in new status bar message area. (Should it show real volume name instead of file name?)
- Quickstart CD eject button was always disabled.
- Status bar NVRAM led also shows accelerator board flash write accesses. Includes also writes that only enable chip ID read mode.

- PPC IO access completely rewritten, most IO areas are now directly accessible and only special regions (custom chipset and CIA require locking. Very slow IO message passing system is completely gone.
- QEMU PPC core support. Read separate notes!

QEMU PPC instructions and information:
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