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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Not worth the trouble. "Real" 3D output would require:

D3D 11 support, previous versions didn't have stereoscopic 3D support. 3rd party programs that create 3D output from older D3D (or OpenGL) won't work because emulator output is in 2D, there is no actual 3d objects that can be "easily" converted to stereoscopic 3D.

It would also practically require extra vsync mode to sync emulator output to correct display output channel.
Oh - AFAIR NVidia driver support stereoscopic glasses (NVidia) from somewhere rev 2 (20) or 3 (30) - it was kind of popular in second half of 90 on PC (NVidia glasses - active shutter LCD type).

Second to this always normal methods can be used (SbS, Tab and/or any form of frame/line interleaving) - key is to tell display device and synchronize (AFAIR it was simple for NVidia glasses - IR transmitter - probably joystick port can be used for this on Amiga).

Anaglyph - seem red-cyan is most popular one but best anaglyph is amber-blue.
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