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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
In many ways the CPC share some things with the amiga (CRTC/hardware scroll/palette change - Copper/Blitter/hardware scroll/Palette change)
Once again to clear incorrectness - CPC use MC6845 as CRTC - graphic capabilities are very similar to CGA graphic card well known in PC world.
There is no such things as blitter in CPC. AFAIR Amiga was very first popular computer with blitter implemented in hardware.

Originally Posted by Cyprian View Post
yep, ST-RAM is equivalent of CHIP RAM, where CPU can be a bit slowed down by e.g. HardDisk DMA channel or BLiTTER, and ALT-RAM is equivalent of Fastram.
AFAIK when 4 bitplane lores are used there is no slowing CPU so up to 4 bitplanes in lores only difference will be a CPU clock.

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