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It has both Amiga emulated version using their emulator called "Rocklobster" and the PC version, we did confirm the emulator part in article thanks to Cinemaware letting us know

Amiga emulation
- Slow and choppy, especially sound-wise.
- There does not appear to be any way to change any settings.
- Mouse sensitivity is uncomfortably high.

- The soundtrack is from the Amiga version.
- It was converted to MP3 by a deaf monkey with no sense of rythm. It plays much too slowly.

DOS version
- Runs windowed initially, but can be made fullscreen with alt+enter.
- The sound is painful to listen to (but that is probably 100% accurate).

- Two versions of a true classic made awful by incompetent developers.
- Seems like a quick cash-grab, not a labour of love.
- Would not recommend.
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