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All of my Amiga's (except the first) was bought blind (i.e. I never saw them working). Most purchases have turned out fine.

However every time I have bought an Amiga labeled "untested" or "sold as seen" it has really meant "broken".

Determining how broken is key to a bargain.

E.G. I bought a 110v Atari Falcon 030 which didn't power on, "spairs or repairs". Being the UK chances are it was plugged into 220v mains. I bought it cheap and yes it just required a fuse in the PSU.

Out of tens of purchases I have made, only 3 have turned out to be non-economical / non-DIY repairs

Cyberstorm MK-III (90), Apollo A4040 (75), Picasso IV (120)

I could have returned all three but I kept saying to myself, these are cheap... you'll be able to fix them one day

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