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Ever bought untested Amiga?

Talk about real blind purchases. I mean buying Amiga on flea market, yard sales or even online marked as "untested", "as is".

Sometimes it might be a nice bargain (stories from reliable source about getting A1200 from the redneck store in middle of nowhere with some accelerator under trapdoor) or loss of money when this "untested" label make a good excuse for dishonest seller.

I bought A600 without PSU marked as "not working", but turned out to be OK.
Then won bidding for my Escom A1200, the seller offered a lot of equipment that used to land on german streets as electronic waste, so I did not have high hopes. Turned out to be perfectly fine with good capacitors, working hard disk and pretty nice case!

What's your experience like? Is it worth taking a risk?
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