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xrgb-mini & indivision aga mk2

does anyone have experience on indi aga mk2 and framemeister cooperation? The highest resolution i managed to get was 1024x768 (i'm pretty novice what comes to video settings) on my 55" sony bravia without using xrgb mini.

is it worth using framemeister & indi aga mk2 or should i just go for the rgb-scart -> xrgb -> tv -option? are there pros or cons using it?

the TV doesn't scale the picture to fill the whole screen, when using dvi->hdmi, it only fills about 1/4 or 1/3 of the screen centered, with 1024x768.

Since i got the xrgb-mini for hooking up my NES and C64 (and possibly a600) on the TV i might as well use the hdmi in & scale the damn thing from a1200.
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