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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
For the first few years the Amiga could match most arcade stuff when in the hands of a decent coder.

But once arcade games like Outrun and Streetfighter 2 started coming out, the Amiga could not keep up with them anymore.
From then on we always had watered down versions of arcade games, although a lot of the ports were still very respectable games on there own.

This also applies to every computer system at the time, and if certain arcade ports looked weak on the Amiga, then they generally looked even weaker on all the other mainstream computers at the time.
(Apart from lame st ports to amiga).
As for the ST, the way i see it is that the ST is an A500 but with all the cool bits taken out!!!

I also see other system comparisons like the speccy/cpc464 vs c64 in the same way as i view the amiga vs st.
The speccy/cpc haven't got all the cool custom chips the c64 has like the sid and vic chips, to make gaming superior and smoother.
Just like the st hasn't got the custom chips the amiga has for better gaming capabilities!

for Outrun and such: do anybody remember the scaling routines of the 3d section of unreal? I think that with a bit of tweaking those could be used for doing a more decent version!

About frontier a little curiosuty: did you ever realize italy is missing in the Earth map? We italians supposed was a passive-aggressive pun of Braben to us due to the then high piracy rates on our country so that italy "does not exist" in its market

Originally Posted by TMR View Post
It's only crazy from a consumer's perspective though; the publishers looked at the two machines, realised they could "get away with" developing on the ST then shoehorning the results into the Amiga afterwards and, since that saved quite a bit of money, that seemed like a feckin' brilliant idea!

Not that i'm cynical or anything... =-)
You kidding? all the bad blood of Amigans towards ST is because of THIS original sin of the developers - whoops - greedy publishers!!!

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