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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Depends what kind of Apps it had as well, what was the price tag on PCs or top of the range Amiga at the time.
There must have been a reason to buy the X68000 instead of a console..?
The average PC in 1987 was $2000 (1240) but wasn't a patch on the Amiga chipset until the vga and later 386 days.
there was no reason as a gamer to buy the top range Amiga's back then, other than extra floppy drive/hdd, so the A500 at 499 was a gamers dream.

The X68000 was a top range PC for development, dtp, music...capcom used it to develop CPS1 games, which is why the ports are arcade perfect.
But as stated the price (2168) was way too high, the games it did get ports for were mostly programmed on it, there is a few exclusives but imo with mame around its not worth hunting for one.

Anyway thats it from me, don't want to derail thread anymore!
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