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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Status report:

Inter-thread messaging bottle-neck is now mostly gone.
cybppc.device (CSPPC built-in SCSI) works under OS4
Media Toolbox works.
Installing works.
Installing still takes forever (about 1 hour). See below. (But as I mentioned previously, boot image fade is now really fast)

Need to be fixed before public version:

All timers seem to run really fast (20x+), key repeat is instant, floppy clicks really fast. Probably (and hopefully) explains remaining performance problems. (It is possible huge number of timer interrupts takes most of remaining CPU time..)

QEMU seems to have multiple timer emulation modes but they are all quite difficult to understand..

"Unfortunately" PPC CPU has built-in counter + interrupt when it underflows, count rate is bus clock / 4, apparently this counter is used for OS4 timer.device. Possibly detection of bus clock is also wrong.
Thanks for the nice update. Will donate right now to get you through to the finish line
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