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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
X68000 says hi!

If only we knew back then the Japanese made a mean gaming system. The Amiga vs st debate would be a mere footnote to the x68000's dominance.
If only the X68000 had gone mainstream and had the huge amount of releases the Amiga had, then it might be a different story!

But i don't really count the X68000 into the equation, as it was basically the Amiga and ST for the majority of users and the X68000 was simply not mainstream enough to consider into the comparison.

Edit- Same could be said for the Acorn Archimedes, nice machine but it couldn't compete with the userbase and software selection of the Amiga and ST!

Edit2- @dlfrsilver, you can praise the cpc 464 as much as you like, but at the end of the day you only need to look at the majority of games for the 8bit systems.
And despite whatever reasons for poor cpc games, the c64 simply outclassed the cpc for quality and quantity of games by a long shot!
We can talk all day about cpc batman demo and the r-type remake, but these are rare examples and don't represent what 99% of the software for the cpc was like!
Just like the Amiga outclassed and outlived the ST, also notice how both the C64 and Amiga outlived all of there competitors.
And notice how both the C64 and Amiga were the only mainstream computers that had custom chips in them to do awesome graphics and audio!
This wasn't a coincidence, people bought the Commodore computers because of the better games from better technology!

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