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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
which was a crazy choice since the ST was not made at all for arcade ports.
The C64 and ZX Spectrum weren't either but obviously there was a market for it.

Originally Posted by MagerValp View Post
Actually, the Amiga 1000 was on par with arcade games from around 1985-1987:

Atari System 1
Atari System 2
Sega System 16A
Capcom 68000
On par?

Sega System 16A vs Amiga 1000:

MC68000 @ 10 MHz vs 7.1 MHz.
320 x 224 vs 320 x 200.
128 Sprites on screen at one time, 2 tile layers, 1 text layer, 1 sprite layer with hardware sprite zooming, translucent shadows vs 8 Sprites, 32 colors for background.

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