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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
I have some questions, since I'm old commodore/amiga user and never have any experince with Atari/Atari ST. I'm interested - when You compare Atari ST is it more close to Amiga 500 or 1200, and is there any games that was made for Atari ST to look better than on Amiga (I have seen some YT comparisions that made Amiga games better) or be only Atari ST exlcusive with great graphic and gamepaly?
The Atari ST wasn't initially designed for games but as an affordable home computer with a MC68000 CPU so it's more comparable to the low end Apple Macintosh machines ("Power without the price").

The Amiga was designed from the ground up as a gaming or multi-media machine and has some additional chips for graphics processing. However, those capabilities are quite limited compared to the arcade machines of that time. Most of the game companies have chosen the lowest common denominator of both machines especially for arcade ports.
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