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RunInUAE can be installed if you put rexxsyslib.library in the Compatibility list (SYS:Prefs/Compatibility). You normally don't need to do this, but it allows installation under the PearPC core. I'm not sure if you need to then do a reboot before install. You might need to remove and re-add after system updates as well.

E-UAE itself though still won't work yet under the PearPC core. So, there's no point in installing RunInUAE anyway. Wait until the QEMU core is ready. I suspect it'll still be way too slow to do much of anything. On my Sam440ep-Flex @ 800mhz, I have to set frameskip to 1 to run any game without stuttering.

As for running 68k applications via Petunia, that should be OK under the QEMU core.
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