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More headlines from the Play Expo scene:

Iron Throne from Game of Thrones at Play Expo
We will have the Iron Throne from the smash HBO TV series Game of Thrones at Play Expo and we will be running professional photo shoots for anyone who would like their picture taken on the seat of kings. Why not come in cosplay as your favourite GoT character and have your photo taken on the actual Iron Throne? Professional photo opportunities will be available at various times over the weekend and can include a 6◊9 glossy print for £5.

Team17 confirmed for Play Expo
We are extremely pleased to confirm that one of our favourite publishers, Team17, will be exhibiting at Play Expo this October. Team17 will be showing off their latest game Flockers at the show and will also be bringing some of their indie studio chums along, including Italic Pig, Mouldy Toof Studios, Self Made Miracle and Dlala Studios.The gang will also be running a tournament of the game Overruled! over the weekend in our zone with some cool prizes to dish out and will no doubt have a few other surprises up their sleeves.

Team 17 - Flockers
[ Show youtube player ] goes BACK IN TIME!
The Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future is one of the most iconic movie vehicles of all time and we are giving you the opportunity to have your photograph taken sitting inside Doc Brownís greatest invention! The car on show comes straight from the original Hollywood movie sets as it was used by Universal Studios Hollywood as the 25th Anniversary Delorean Time Machine and was documented on the Blu-ray release of the Back to The Future Trilogy. It has also been seen on Keith Lemonís Lemonaid TV show and the Britainís Got Talent 2013 Semi-Finals.

Feel free to take your own photos of the car, or get up close and personal inside the Delorean with a professional photoshoot, which will be printed off straight away and presented in a photo folder. The cost of a professional photo is £5 per person.

Spectrum vs C64 Debate Panel
Itís a debate thatís been raging for over three decades Ė which is better, the Spectrum or the Commodore 64? To mark the 32nd birthday of both these marvellous micros, Play Expo will endeavour to answer this most thorny of questions with the help of four men who should know.

Advocating for the Spectrum we have John Gibson, whose credits include Zzoom and Stonkers, and Ste Pickford, one half of the Pickford brothers, the pair behind such Speccy gems as Feud and Amaurote.

Making the case for Commdore will be Andy Walker, whose Taskset software house gave us Super Pipeline and Jamminí. Heís joined by Jeff Minter, the hairy coder behind Llamasoft and such hits as Revenge of the Mutant Camels and Sheep in Space.

Come and quiz the experts, vote for your favourite machine and finally settle those long-running playground spats. Chaired by Paul Drury from Retro Gamer magazine and ably assisted by Martyn Carroll, Retro Gamerís launch editor.
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