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Oh, there are lots of information revealed by the funny guys over at atariage.

It's a miniPC running Texas Instrument's OMAP series soc.

That incredible device is engineered and built by his company called RPC (Retro-PC) with him and his "mates" doing top noth qualitiy with 16 bit HD sound, superfast 32bit gfx engine and all the stuff you ever dreamed of. (Still everybody is puzzled why this superb computer is called Retro-PC)

His mighty is running a second company, that is currently developing the operating system for this masterpiece (everything is coded in pure assembler because this is how the gods of coding are doing and he llkes to be en par with the gods). He and his "mates" are busy with that 24/7 a week.

Within their rare breaks they run the third company called RPC-Games. The wonderful work can be watched and heard (so i wish everyone would be deaf and blind before consuming any his mighty work) on varoius occasions mentioned here and in other forums. I don't give a link, because i fear for your mental health and sanity.
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