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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
This is a legend. I have one amiga and one ST running side by side, and at best the ST has 1 or 2 images more displayed on this game. you talk about a feat ! lol

The ST is in no way faster than the amiga (i mean by this REALLY faster). When we say the amiga is faster or at least has game which runs faster on amiga, it really is, and not this "ahah i have 2 images displayed per sec more than the amiga version.... the ST is really faster than the amiga XD".
Seems your right dlfrsilver, I was always lead to believe by my ST owning buddies that the majority of 3d games were quicker on the Atari, looking at it now this seems like bollocks.

Originally Posted by mc6809e View Post
Frontier: Elite II was another 3d game with filled polygons that didn't use the blitter for area filling.

The only blitter usage seems to be in clearing the frame buffer.

There must be a reason why he didn't use the blitter more on this game for optimisation, surely someone like Braben with his massive brain would have figured it out, or maybe just a time issue.

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