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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
- KS ROM v3.1 (A1200) rev 40.68 with Beta 14 does not see HardFile

- KS ROM v3.1 (A4000) rev 40.68 OK
- KS ROM v3.1 (A4000T) rev 40.70 OK
A600/A1200 vs A4000 IDE hardware is different. KS ROM _must_ match hardware!

Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
I was wondering: why not include an option to force m68k and PPC emulation to always run on the same thread
"Problem" is QEMU. Single JIT execution call should not take more than about 1/4 or so of single frame time or Amiga-side timing will get badly messed up. I don't know how (at least not yet) to guarantee QEMU JIT call returning quickly enough.

It is easy with non-JIT emulation, just emulate 10 or so instructions and then do Amiga side emulation and then 10 instructions again and so on..
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