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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Would a non flashed Gotek Work then?
I considered that, But I don't have the original Gotek firmware to flash back.

The original Gotek firmware uses .img files so you would have to convert .adf to .img assuming there is a tool to do that. I don't think the SELECTOR.ADF would work either as it most likely relies on the custom firmware to pull a directory listing from the USB stick plugged into the Gotek.

So if it does work you'd be stuck with cycling through the disk images via buttons on the Gotek which is not really an elegant solution for hundreds of games and memorising their slots.

I believe people with A4000's are not having any luck either as it also uses 1.44mb floppy drives. I guess any Amiga hardware that has a 1.44mb floppy on DF0: is not going to work here.
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