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I wanted something that can plug into any Amiga (the A1000 would need a gender changer since its parallel port is backwards from the rest of the Amigas). I have a A500 developer setup with a huge Supradrive (well, huge for the time). I also have an A3000 with numerous large SCSI drives inside, I also have a Blizzard equipped A1200 with smaller IDE and the CF flash adapter along with a PCMICA<>CF adapter, and of course an A4000 with a big IDE drive (no CF adapter, but I should do that). There is no one solution that works with all of these. I just bought a SCSI<>CF adapter (not the SCSI<>IDE<>CF solution, a real SCSI<>CF solution) so that I can remove the SCSI drives from the A3000.. they are starting to tick periodically, so you know what that means! I also have a SCSI DAT drive with all of my backups - and that still works after all of these years. But there is no easy way to get any of this to the PC, which is why I wondered if a device that plugged into the parallel port is something people would be interested in. I think I am going to build one for myself as I don't see any real easy way to move the various formats around. Yeah, the floppy port would be a little slow.. about 55K per second max (if you disabled the Amiga). With the parallel port you could get much faster speeds without tieing up the machine. The limiting factor really is the CIA bus timing. But, at this point I would settle for a single solution that was 10K per second, and let it run all day long! It sure beats having to swap drives and PC cards around every time you wanted to transfer something from/to a real Amiga.

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