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SD card adapter

With the advent of all of the various FPGA Amiga emulators, as well as software based Amiga emulators (for PC, iPhone, iPad, etc.) it seems that the biggest battle still is how to get data from a real Amiga over to the emulator.

Is there a simple SD card adapter available for the Amiga? If not, I am considering making one that plugs into the parallel port and uses micro-SD cards. I would have a device driver where you would mount it like any hard drive. It wouldn't be blazingly fast through the parallel port (perhaps a few hundred K per second), but since this would probably not be something you would use on a regular basis, the speed probably doesn't matter. I just need some way to move hundreds of megs of Amiga source code and such to my emulations, and the current method of using a SCSI device connected to a PC works in most cases, but it is not very convenient to have to move a Syquest drive back and forth. Copying data to a SD card that could be read by anything that understands FAT32 would be a much better solution. Thoughts?
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