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Originally Posted by themamboman View Post
Will there be a day when the PowerPC side will be able to use the UAE graphics adapter and mounted windows directories?

It's awesome as it is now, just curious if I'll be able to have 1920x1200 workbench again.
If someone else does it or explains exactly what is needed to get those things working under built-in 68k emulation.

Originally Posted by Rotzloeffel View Post
RESPECT ! You rock Toni!
Perhaps but it would have never happened this quickly without help from Frode.

Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
WinUAE has a problem with my hardfile, which I already mentioned in that thread. I'm still waiting for a response.
I am quite sure WinUAE has no problems. Usual problem is mismatched KS ROM and hardware setup (for example A1200 KS ROM and A4000 hardware config or vice versa)
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