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How far has anyone got installing OS4.1 Classic? I don't know where my 4.0 Classic (or any other Amiga software) disks are right now but just got 4.1 Classic shipment, so that's all I have to play with, and followed BinoX's guide for 4.0 Classic as well as I could with 4.1.

Note than I am new to WinUAE, and am not familiar with making logs, where to find log files, and such things for proper bug posts. Where to I learn about this?

Installing from CD was a learning experience, and after several attempts I have something running from a clean looking install. (I suspect heat related problems, as my laptop gets VERY hot running WinUAE-PPC, and doing f12 to pause the emulation for a bit now and then seems to help)

As this is my first OS4.x Classic experience in quite a long time (classic hardware still stored since we moved house), and my first time with 4.1 Classic in particular, I'm nto sure what I'd expect on my CSPPC during installation. While I selected PicassoIV and all that, my post-install boots kept coming up very ugly, and Screenmode prefs had no PicassoIV choices. I eventually realized that I needed to use P96mode to bind and create some PicassoIV modes, which seems to have worked out well. I have a 1280x720 for now, and have also had it up at 1920x1080 for a test.

I am now trying to work my way up the OS4.1 update chain. The Classic CD is of course Update 2 by itself. I have applied update3. I'm doing this by quitting out of WinUAE each time, making full copy of HDF file, making new UAE config to point to the new copy, boot up, unpack and isntall, etc.

Working on Update 4, it installed the basic update. Then I said yes to RuninUAE as well but the install of that crashed/gurued. That may or may not be due to PearPC CPU implementation, and I may have to wait for Qemu CPU before I can proceed.

Also, if I make a direct copy of my workign Update 3 HDF in the Windows Host, and make a new UAE config to use that instead of the original copy (same file still), on booting the UAE emu sometimes all I get is a red GURU. How do I tell what is happening here? (Update 3 HDF before I ran the update did the same thing, but I eventually got the planet aligned and it just worked at some point)

Has anyone else got further than this?

I wish I could find my stack of CDs and such to try more than just an OS. Though I do intend to do SDK and other stuff I can download as soon as I get to the end of my OS trail for now.
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