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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Silly question im sure - I guess there is some kind of blitter wait so no matter what speed the Amiga is the game is about the same - What about the Atari ST version if this was run on a Atari ST 68060 would it not run super fast.
Since it relies purely on the CPU, and ran super fast in WINUAE, then I'm pretty sure that the answer to the last question is yes.

My opinion on this...
Stingray hinted at a way to go earlier in some context - instead of drawing everything with the CPU you can make a new routine that will take all the data and use the blitter for drawing each frame. This sounds similar in concept to what 'Where Time Stood Still' does in 'blitter mode'.

I wouldn't worry about the colours, to me they are well adapted to 16 (at least the first level). No mean feat...

I agree that there is probably a half decent game hiding in there (you can get a taste of that through WINUAE), and to someone with the skills and the time (and I have neither, unfortunately) then theoretically there's a reasonable means to update this using the custom chips without doing the whole thing again.
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