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Speaking for myself I booted up my A500 for the first time in 4-5 years last year only to notice that the floppy drive no longer worked. Researching what could be done brought me to buying a HXC floppy emulator and a SCART cable. That was the ultimate A500 for me.

After then lurking this forum for a while I realised that I had wondered what an A1200 would be like for 20 years. I also realised that I'm a grown man with a steady income and a house of my own. I ordered one from UK and less than a year later I've upgraded it with a CF IDE, CF PCMCIA, MicroMys, 64JPX, ACA1232 and finally an Indivision MK2 hooked up to a Benq 5:4 monitor and proper speakers. My next upgrade will be to replace the PSU with a PicoPSU.

The A500 has gone back into storage and I've ended up with a surprisingly expensive hobby that's impossible to explain to anyone in my surrounding
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