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dpi sounds right

Yeah MosMensk, dpi deffinately sounds right. It stands for Dots Per Inch.

However I would not agree that £40 for a film is a reasonable price. It may be reasonable for laser discs but it ain't reasonable when you can get most DVD films for under half that.

I was considering getting a LaserDisc player just before I noticed DVDs were starting to appear in shops and I plumped for the Digital Versitile Discs instead.

Laserdisks are huge and, I may not be right, but sometimes they are flippers aren't they? If you don't know what a flipper is, it means that you have to flip the disc over at some point during the movie for the second half. Like I said I'm not sure about some of them being flippers, but I would say that I don't think they are the format to go for now.
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