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One thing that shouldn't be overlooked is GPU as well as CPU. I've made a working emulation of my non working A4000D and now I'm putting it on several different laptops. I was having problems with one native Amiga program, Blackbelt Image Master. It was taking forever to load an image, much longer than on my real Amiga with an 060 processor. I found that setting the display to "low latency vsync" was the main part of the problem and when I changed it to "--" it loaded much faster. I'm using a Thinkpad T60 with Core Duo CPU to beta test Winuae. When I put the same hdf files and configuration in an older and slower Thinkpad T42P with a Pentium M CPU, I was surprised to see Image Master load images even faster. The p that comes after the model number in Thinkpads stands for "performance" and these models have much better GPUs, usually the best available at the time they were manufactured. A better GPU makes native Amiga screen modes perform much better. It doesn't make that big a difference in RTG modes.
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